Technology Tuesdays:
Technology Tuesdays:

by Richard D. Solomon, PhD and Elaine C. Solomon

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 / 4 Heshvan 5774
The Technology: enables users to easily add a video narrative to a slideshow and share it with others. Take a PowerPoint presentation, Google Docs file, or a PDF and record a video of yourself narrating the presentation, slide by slide. Your video narration shows up right next to your slideshow so your students can watch the two simultaneously. Simply upload your slides, record and edit your video narration using your webcam, and then embed your narrated slideshow in your OLC classroom (or email it to students). Learn more about how to use
In Your Classroom is the perfect tool to use for the flipped classroom. Create your lessons as slideshows for students to watch at home (and at their own pace). Classroom time can then be reserved for personalized interaction with students and putting the learning from the slideshow videos into action.
Or, have students use to create their own narrated slideshows on any topic. For example, students might create their own Hanukkah storybooks as PowerPoint presentations, then record themselves reading the stories aloud. Share these audio/visual storybooks with younger classes or send to parents as a Hanukkah present from your class.