The Poetry of Shabbat
The Poetry of Shabbat


Come Down, Angel of Peace

Come help us set up Shabbat.
We will set out the Kiddush cup and candles.
Tell God to gift us with remembrance of Shabbat.
Help us set the tablecloth and light the candles.
Come down, Angel of Peace.
Come help us set up Shabbat.
--Gabe Streisfeld

Mi Khamokha

As the Egyptians were coming near,
All the Jews were overcome with fear.

"God's presence is with us," Moses shouted to all,
But they were not reassured by just that call.

Then God came through, and proved them all wrong.
Performing a miracle, only He could put on.

Blocking the Egyptians and parting the sea,
In everyone's heart He will always be.

Mi khamokhah they all sang,
And in their hearts, joy rang.
--Leah Sack


Shabbat reminds me of peace
and the graceful wind in the evening,
and wine,
and sometimes I ask myself,
what if Shabbat is like
a silver kiss from God?
--Hannah Schaeffer


Lekhah Dodi

When she comes
the table is set.
When she comes
the candles are lit.
The wine has not been drunk
when she comes.
The challah is still warm
when she comes.
It's dark as night
when she comes.
Shabbat has begun.
--Maddie Bailis


The Sabbath Queen

More beautiful
than anything.
Brings peace and quietness
to everyone in her path.
Makes a strange feeling of wonder
fall upon everyone.
You can only see her
if you believe in Shabbat.
Keep the Sabbath holy
to see this beautiful woman.
She is the Sabbath queen.
--Ari Stern