Tree Collage Sculpture

By Rena Gray Fein

Create a standing “tree” sculpture from materials that come from trees.

1. Gather a variety of materials. Check out the list below for ideas of materials to use, or come up with your own ideas. All materials on the list come from trees.

2. Find a piece of unwanted lumber or cardboard as a base for your collage.

3. Draw an outline of a tree to guide your work. (Optional)

4. Decide which materials you will use for the tree’s trunk, bark, and leaves. Arrange your materials on the base.

5. When you are pleased with the arrangement, use glue to attach the materials to the base.

Materials that come from trees: bark cork rubber basket wood utensils chopsticks wooden jewelry knobs moldings pencils Popsicle sticks mulch paper wrapping paper tissue book cardboard coffee filters paper serving ware egg carton paper shopping bags

Other materials that come from trees, but are not recommended for this project because they should be eaten and not wasted (bal tashchit): fruit nuts chocolate cinnamon maple syrup