> Hebrew: New Siddur Program

An intensive, integrated Hebrew study program that takes your students from reading readiness through prayer literacy while incorporating a modern language component.

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Reading Readiness  [cover]       [cover] Primer
Book 1  [cover]       [cover] Book 2
Book 3  [cover]       [cover] Book 4
L'Hamshich: A Transitional Text  [cover]       [cover] Managing the New Siddur Program
Power Reading  [cover]       [cover] 20 Tips for Classroom Management

The New Siddur Program includes a basic vocabulary of over 200 words. It also emphasizes understanding roots, a powerful tool allowing


students to rapidly and easily expand their vocabulary. And, while teaching this vocabulary, the program reinforces values: When students learn the word shalom, they learn more than the word "peace"; they learn that the root of shalom means completeness or harmony, and they learn that this is what the Jewish people have always yearned for.

Upon completion of the New Siddur Program, students will be able to:

Special features of the series:

Use Managing the New Siddur Program: the Educational Director's Guide to customize the series to meet your school's goals.