> Grades 6-8: Bible / Ethics

Biblical Answers to Modern Questions
By Naomi Pasachoff


"My students got a lot out of A Topical Bible . They enjoyed the fact that these stories directly related to issues they're confronting. The text didn't feel far away or strange; it was accessible and friendly.

Saul Korewa
Utah School of Jewish Studies
Salt Lake City, UT

Did you know that the moral framework found in the Bible can offer practical guidance to real-life issues confronting today's young people?

A Topical Bible uses biblical texts to guide students as they wrestle with real-life social and ethical problems. Each chapter presents a major contemporary issue and examines it through the lens of the Bible.


  • Repairing a Damaged Relationship:
    Jacob's Reconciliation with Esau; Joseph and His Brothers
  • Accepting Personal Responsibility:
    The Tree of Knowledge; David and Bathsheba
  • Questioning Authority:
    Abraham and the Cities of the Plain; Job
  • Sexual Equality:
    The Creation of Humankind; The Daughters of Zelophehad
  • Identifying with the Suffering of Others:
    The Awakening of Moses; Esther
  • Welcoming Change and Challenge:
    Moses and the Burning Bush; King Saul
  • A Time for Action:
    Crossing the Sea of Reeds; Deborah and the Canaanites

The engaging stories are illustrated with dramatic contemporary photographs and whimsical cartoons. Step-by-step questions guide students through the text and demonstrate its relevance to modern life.

Teaching Guide

Curriculum Call-Out
Introduce 6th and 7th grade students to text study with topics of interest to teenagers. Plenty of opportunity for learning through role playing.