Machzor Katan: High Holiday Prayer Book
for Families With Young Children

Machzor Katan is a delightful, brief (just 12 pages) Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prayer book for families with young children. With its shortened service, full transliterations, easy-to-understand English introductions, child-friendly illustrations, and sweet songs for the whole family, Machzor Katan infuses quality family time into the richness of the High Holidays. Bring the joy and spiritual significance of the High Holidays to every family's celebration with Machzor Katan.

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Additional Components:

  • Music CD ($15.00) with all the prayers and songs in Machzor Katan
  • Leader’s Guide ($34.95) with bonus free activity templates for family Tashlich, a Rosh Hashanah Treasure Hunt, and “Jonah Bingo”
  • User’s Manual (free download)


  • Shanah Tovah U'm'tukah (song)
  • Mah Tovu
  • Hal'lu
  • Barchu
  • Sh'ma, V'ahavta
  • Ashamnu
  • Avinu Malkeinu
  • Dear God (song)
  • Torah Service (Vay'hi Binso'a Ha'aron)
  • Torah Tzivah Lanu Moshe (song)
  • Tapuchim Ud'vash L'Rosh Hashanah (song)
  • Shofar Service
  • What's That Sound? (song)
  • Eitz Chayim Hi
  • Ein Keloheinu
  • Aleinu
  • On Yom Kippur We Say We're Sorry (song)
  • Adon Olam