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Parashat HaShavua Balak

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Formerly URJ Press #383260

Each study guide starts with blessings for studying and reading Torah, followed by an overview of parashah. The text of each Torah portion is provided in vocalized Hebrew and English as well as unvocalized Hebrew to prepare for the reading from the Torah scroll itself, along with the commentary on the portion by Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut. That is followed by a discussion of the themes from the parashah by Rabbi Harvey Fields, along with questions for study and discussion, all of which will help the student with D'Var Torah, or sermon. The haftara portion, in Hebrew and English is also provided. Another unique feature is the "Torah in Action" page, which suggests mitzvah projects related to the specific parashah. At the back of each guide is a list of resources for further study.

A URJ Press Publication

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