New Beginnings PowerPoint
New Beginnings PowerPoint

Use this downloadable PowerPoint presentation to introduce the value to your students. Each values presentation includes Jewish texts, photographs, a movie or song, an experiential activity, and more.


Six Ways to Use the Babaganewz Values PowerPoint Presentations in Class:


Begin class each day with a lesson using the PowerPoint as your guide. Have the first slide on your screen when students enter and spend the first 15 minutes of class viewing the PowerPoint and answering the questions. Choose one article or activity from the Babaganewz collection on that value.  Have students read the article or do the activity at home as a follow up to the lesson’s value.


Show the PowerPoint to middle school students in an assembly and then return to class to discuss the thought questions in small groups. Print thought questions from the appropriate slides to prepare for this activity.


Ask students to watch a PowerPoint at home and to come to class with answers to the thought questions in the PowerPoint. Begin class with a discussion on the questions the students answered at home and then do the experiential activity of that value’s PowerPoint.


Show the PowerPoint to your class and discuss the graphics with them. Ask them why each graphic was chosen to go with that particular slide. After the discussion, have students choose or draw their own graphics to accompany the text slides or other texts of your choosing.


Assign each student in your class one PowerPoint. Have them view it at home or in school and then present it to the class. Ask them to choose how they want to present it and what they want to add to their presentation on that value. Show them the Babaganewz site, where they can find additional content which relates to their value.


View the PowerPoint together as a class and then divide the class into four groups. Assign each group a task which they will present to the class:

     Group#1- portray the value with a dramatic presentation

     Group#2- write a song to express the meaning and importance of the value

     Group#3- make a mural to represent the value to your classmates

     Group #4- write 10 Jewpardy answers and questions to share your understanding of this value