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Grade Level: 8-9 The Rabbi's Bible: Book 3 offers a sampling of the later Prophets, with traditional commentary keyed to the text. Key phrases are given in both Hebrew and English. Volume 1: The Torah (Grades 5-6) also offers a teacher...
8 - 9
Explore the moral lessons of the Ten Commandments with timeless stories from the Bible, Talmud, and Jewish folklore. Presented in child-friendly, everyday English, each commandment is accompanied by hands-on activities to help students...
3 - 4
Did you know that the moral framework found in the Bible can offer practical guidance to real-life issues confronting today's young people? A Topical Bible uses biblical texts to guide students as they wrestle with real-life social and...
6 - 8
Grade Level: 2-5Students meet popular personalities from Exodus and Leviticus in these 25 activity sheets replete with, open-ended exercises that encourage imagination and stimulate thinking skills. Includes black line masters and...
2 - 5
Grade Level: 2-5Students explore the book of Genesis in these 25 activity sheets that allow figural, verbal, and manipulative responses. Pak includes black line masters and teaching guide with additional activity suggestions.
2 - 5
Grade Level: 2-5Students explore Passover, the Great Cloud, the Law of Inheritance, and the Land of Canaan, and meet Moses, Aaron, the Twelve Spies, Miriam, Caleb, Balaam and his donkey, and Joshua in these 25 worksheets from the last two...
2 - 5
Grade Level: PK-1 Unsurpassed for teaching Torah creatively to young children, this guide includes true-to-the-text Bible accounts from Abraham through Moses, retold for young children. A wide variety of classroom activities and discussion...
Grade Level: 4-6Twenty-eight activity pages creatively explore Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles, and are easily adapted for either individuals or groups. Pak...
4 - 6

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