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7 - 12
Our Jewish tradition offers unique insights into the problems confronting young people today. This accessible volume uses both personal experience and case studies to address such contemporary issues as substance abuse, suicide, premarital...
7 - 10
An open door for all of us who want to deepen our Jewish commitment; but don't know how or where to begin. From lighting Shabbat candles to spending a night in a homeless shelter, this guide to Jewish living presents simple steps to...
8 - Adult
Evolving from the oral tradition that gave us Torah and Talmud, folktales illuminate and reinforce the lessons of our heritage. We tell them to entertain our children, and also to pass on our values. It's Too Crowded in Here! is a...
What makes a Jewish hero?  Spanning the worlds of sports, science, film, and politics, Jewish Heroes, Jewish Values introduces the Jewish heroes of yesterday and today to those of tomorrow. Students discover how to live Jewish values...
5 - 8
5 - 8
Guide 4-6 grade students in making connections between their Jewish traditions and their day-to-day lives by showing how Jewish values are rooted in the holidays.  Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values invites students to discover Jewish...
Features Jewish Values lesson plans for a full year course for 3rd or 4th grade, and includes matching source books for suggested student/class readings, thought questions, and ideas for additional activities; supplemental material for...
Through the dramatic stories of the Book of Genesis, students explore Jewish values that can guide us in our lives today. From Abraham and Sarah’s faith and trust in journeying to a new land, to Rebecca’s kindness at the well,...
Jewish Values Sampler Library includes one copy each of: Teaching About God & Spirituality,Teaching Hot Topics,Teaching Jewish Virtues, Teaching Mitzvot. At a 20% discount!
Each Jewish Values Teacher Prep Pack includes 24 complete lesson plans (enough for the whole year), and one copy of the matching student source book for just $24.95. Featured Student Edition: The Kids' Mensch Handbook
Argumentation and debate are the lifeblood of Judaism; in fact, our ancestors never shied from arguing with God or other sources of authority when they felt justice and truth demanded it. Judaism's Great Debates aims to reawaken that...
6 - 7
Prepare your students to become active participants in the Jewish community with this hands-on introduction to the widely scattered communities of the Jewish world. This combined text and activity book brings to life the entire spectrum of...
4 - 7
Young children learn the place of mitzvot in their lives with this set of eight 4-page, full-color folders. Each mitzvah is explained in terms children can easily grasp, using questions, activities, stories and poems. How do we teach...
K - 2
Classroom suggestions and black-line masters covering all eight folders.
K - 2

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