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"May the Eternal make you like Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah." Welcoming a baby girl into the community of the Jewish people. Presentation envelopes sold separately.
Honoring Jewish life at every age and every stage . . . This essential resource covers Jewish life cycle events from birth to death, presenting insights from Jewish tradition, quotations to help ground lessons in Jewish text, an extensive...
A 64-page workbook to help rabbis, cantors, education directors, and family programmers prepare b'nai mitzvah students and their families for that momentous life-cycle event--the bar or bat mitzvah. The manual is divided into six...
6 - 7
Step-by-step instructions to living a Jewish life--from one of our greatest theologians. A comprehensive and practical guide to Jewish beliefs in action. From holiday observance to kashrut, from ethical business practices to the Jewish...
9 - Adult
Everything the engaged couple needs to know about the Jewish marriage ceremony. Welcome new couples into Jewish life and your congregation.
As the big day draws near, expectant parents will treasure this priceless guide.       What is a brit milah? What kind of ceremony welcomes a Jewish daughter? What is a wimpel? What are parents' obligations to their...
In the face of death, we can find comfort and security in knowing that the Jewish tradition offers a set of mourning rituals to help us through our grief. This guide blends consolation with information. What happens at the funeral service...
Grade Level: 4-6Guide students through the Jewish life cycle. Sections on both life cycle landmarks (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Marriage) as well as other times of life (Being a Child, Leaving Home) include activities such as "You Be the Rabbi...
4 - 6
Goals and objectives, discussion questions, classroom suggestions and enrichment activities.
5 - 7
Is it true that I was born for a reason? Am I really an adult when I become a bat mitzvah? How should I act around someone whose grandmother just died? 
5 - 7
A feast for the eyes and for the Jewish soul. This lavish, 256-page full-color visual reference book contains all the whats, wheres, whys, and hows of Jewish living. With its comprehensive, step-by-step walk through the Jewish calendar and...

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