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Hineni 2 & 3 Family Companion

ISBN: 978-0-87441-159-1
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Grade level: All Ages
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Black-line masters for Hineni 2 and 3 (combined volume) to photocopy and send home so parents can help their children learn the Shabbat morning Amidah, selected prayers and songs for Friday night, key prayers in the Torah service, and the concluding prayers.

Twenty-three double-sided Family Pages, with reading exercises on one side for the student (includes the prayers learned in Hineni 2 and 3, plus a short writing exercise to reinforce comprehension), and transliteration for parents to follow along on the other side. Also includes helpful reading hints (for example, why L'chah Dodi tells us to both "keep" and "remember" Shabbat) and challenging questions (for example, "What are three things in your life that you consider kadosh-holy?") for families to discuss together.

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