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Shiru Shalom Ivrit 1 Music CD

ISBN: 978-0-87441-500-1
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Grade level: 3 - 6
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Charming sing-along music uses and reinforces the vocabulary from Shalom Ivrit 1. This 14-song CD—with lyrics in Hebrew and English translation—will introduce and review vocabulary in the student text, create a lively Hebrew atmosphere in the classroom, and provide a link between classroom and home. Aural presentation of the vocabulary complements the visual, appealing to students' different learning styles and helping them acquire and retain the vocabulary and grammar of Shalom Ivrit 1. Can be used in any Hebrew classroom.

Special Feature:
Includes 16-page booklet containing Hebrew lyrics—a great way to reinforce reading skills!

Song Titles:

1.      Shalom Ivrit

2.      Kol Shofar

3.      Hasukkah Yafah

4.      Hag Sameah

5.      Bakitah

6.      Shabbat Shalom Babayit

7.      Hag Ha’or

8.      Mah Bara Elohim

9.      Yom Huledet

10.  Ran Haleitzan

11.  Hayom S’meihim

12.  Hag HaPesah

13.  Degel Yisrael

14.  Yom Huledet l’Yisrael

Shiru Shalom Ivrit 1 is ideal to:

  • Create a welcoming Hebrew atmosphere when students arrive for class.
  • Use as a motivational introduction for new chapters in the text.
  • Play as background music while students are engaged in individual or small group work.
  • Teach selected songs for a zimriyah, family Shabbat dinner, or holiday program.
  • Send home for families to play in their car pools.
  • Give as a gift to new religious school families.

Teach useful modern Hebrew vocabulary, motivate students, and enliven the classroom with Shiru Shalom Ivrit 1.

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