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Companion Siddur - Reform

ISBN: 978-0-87441-544-5
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Grade level: 3 - Adult
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The Companion Siddur presents Friday evening and Shabbat morning prayers in the context of a synagogue service, printed in large Hebrew type with numbered lines. Use it with the New Siddur Program or with any prayer program.

Contents include:

  • The complete Shabbat morning service
  • Selections from the Friday evening service
  • Songs and hymns
  • Home rituals
  • Conceptual introduction to each prayer in English

After students learn the prayers in their textbooks, they can locate and read them in their proper liturgical context. Follow your own congregation's liturgy by selecting either the Reform or Conservative edition.

Use the Companion Siddur throughout your prayer program to prepare students for participation in synagogue service. Can also serve as the prayerbook for Junior Congregation

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