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Hebrew Through Prayer 1

ISBN: 978-0-87441-563-6
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Grade level: 3 - 8
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Students begin their Hebrew study with the Shabbat Morning Service. Five important prayers, brachot, and the Kiddush form the basis for this volume. Any student familiar with the alef bet is ready to dive into this book.

Students begin to recognize simple roots (bet, resh, chaf), prefixes (ve), and suffixes (nu); they discuss the themes of the prayers and blessings (the Shema is like a pledge of allegiance to God); and they build reading fluency by practicing complete prayer passages as well as prayer excepts.

Prayers in Book 1:
 [list of prayers]

"The Teacher's Editions for Hebrew Through Prayer are so good that they sold me on the series."
Melinda Kieffer
Education Director
Congregation Bnai Aviv
Weston, FL

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