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The New Siddur Program: Power Reading

ISBN: 978-0-87441-565-0
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Grade level: 2 - 4
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Each lesson--40 in all--focuses exclusively on a

single letter or vowel, colorfully illustrating its sound and form. For example,
the letter
mem is introduced with mezuzah;
het, with hallah.

  • Look-alike letters are presented separately
  • Phonetic Hebrew reading exercises are built exclusively on siddur words and word fragments
  • Each lesson builds on prior lessons, providing automatic reinforcement and developing siddur reading skills quickly and easily
  • Selected siddur words are presented with English translations, paving the way for prayer comprehension

In every chapter, students build upon what they've already
learned. By the end of the book, students can read Hebrew--and they will have
been introduced to over 200 prayer words.

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