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Let Freedom Ring: A History of the Jews in the United States

ISBN: 978-0-87441-582-7
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Grade level: 5 - 7
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In just one semester, give your students an unforgettable tour of Jewish American history.

This fascinating saga spans over 300 years in 96 concise pages, brought to life with over 100 photographs and illustrations. The first group of Jewish immigrants, 23 in number, settled in New Amsterdam in 1654. Today, there are millions of Jews in the United States. This page-turning volume transports students from pre-Colonial America all the way to the present and asks them to consider their own roles in the next chapter of Jewish American history.
Special features:

  • Running timeline throughout the book highlights major historical events
  • Key vocabulary is defined throughout
  • Sidebars offer fascinating bits of Jewish American trivia
  • Mini-biographies introduce leading figures in Jewish American history
  • Thought-provoking discussion questions draw students into our shared past
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