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It's a Mitzvah: Step by Step to Jewish Living

ISBN: 978-0-87441-585-8
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Grade level: 8 - Adult
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An open door for all of us who want to deepen our Jewish commitment; but don't know how or where to begin. From lighting Shabbat candles to spending a night in a homeless shelter, this guide to Jewish living presents simple steps to incorporate the rich tradition of Jewish values into everyday life.
Each chapter focuses on one mitzvah--both its traditional and contemporary significance--plus ways to put the mitzvah into practice. Addressing ritual-based and social-action mitzvot, this book offers a wealth of opportunities to grow Jewishly.

  1. Ahavat Tziyon: Zionism and Israel 
  2. Bal Tash'hit: Preserving the Earth 
  3. Bikkur Holim: Visiting the Sick 
  4. Hakhnasat Orhim: Hospitality 
  5. Kashrut: The Dietary Laws 
  6. Kibbud Av va-Em: Honoring Parents 
  7. Ma'akhil R'evim: Feeding the Hungry 
  8. Pidyon Sh'vuyim: Redeeming the Captives 
  9. Rodef Shalom: Seeking Peace 
  10. Shabbat: Day of Rest and Renewal 
  11. Sh'mirat ha-Lashon: Guarding Your Tongue 
  12. Talmud Torah: Study and Learning 
  13. Tefillah: Prayer, Tallit, Tefilin, and Mezuzah 
  14. Teshuvah: Repentance and Turning 
  15. Tza'ar Ba'alei Hayyim: Compassion to Animals

Discovering ways to practice Judaism every day can change our lives. Here is the book to begin the journey.
It's a Mitzvah! is a rare commodity: a practical book to change your spiritual life. Rabbi Artson provides everything we need to begin and sustain a religious journey. This is a marvelous book written by a teacher who deeply understands not only the Jewish tradition, but the needs of those exploring this ancient wisdom and rich heritage.

Rabbi David Wolpe,
Author of Teaching Your Children About God

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