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The Prophets: Speaking Out for Justice

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An ideal course of study before students undertake b'nai mitzvah preparation, The Prophets: Speaking Out for Justice explores the lives of seven prophets and the Jewish values they exemplify. Stories based on biblical texts bring each prophet vividly to life, while narrative provides historical context for considering the challenges faced by the prophets in their own day. Connections to modern-day events and people are explored as well, helping students discover the relevance for today in the ancient messages of our biblical ancestors. Questions throughout the text address students directly, to get them thinking and to draw out their views.


  1. Introduction
  2. Moses: Radical Shepherd of Israel
  3. Samuel: Reluctant Kingmaker
  4. Elijah: Zealous Critic of the King
  5. Amos: Faithful Friend of the Covenant
  6. Isaiah: Righteous Spirit of Worship
  7. Jeremiah: Persistent Voice of Teshuvah
  8. Jonah: Runaway Messenger of Mercy

Special Features:

  • In the Footsteps of the Prophets: Highlights modern day figures who reflect values discussed in each chapter.
  • Prayer Connections explain the origin of a number of key prayers and their place in the liturgy, including Mi Chamochah, the Amidah, and the Kedushah.
  • Historical Notes provide context for each prophet by explaining political and cultural challenges of the times.
  • Maps in each chapter help locate the prophets in place as well as in biblical history.
  • A Values Index guides teachers in leading discussions about the role of each prophet in the development of our value system.
  • A Companion Website,, links to additional examples of modern-day teens and adults who walk "in the footsteps of the prophets," as well as ideas for service projects.
  • A complete Lesson Plan Manual is available, which makes The Prophets: Speaking Out for Justice highly teachable even with limited preparation time. Assessments included throughout.


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