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The Prophets: Teacher's Lesson Plan Manual

ISBN: 978-0-87441-601-5
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26 ready-to-use lesson plans of approximately 50 minutes each make teacher preparation for using The Prophets: Speaking Out for Justice quick and easy.


  • "The Tech Connection"--over 60 ways to use the Internet, Web pages, and Wikispaces to deepen students' understanding of the prophets and their messages
  • "Constructing Personal Meaning"--ways for students to demonstrate their understanding of the prophets
  • "Assessments"--guiding questions and answers for teachers to assess learning outcomes
  • "Parashah References"--a chart listing the biblical verses included in The Prophets to help students connect their own b'nai mitzvah Torah and Haftarah readings
  • "Being Inclusive"--10 ways to appeal to diverse learners


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