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Living as Partners with God

ISBN: 978-0-87441-614-5
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Grade level: 4 - 6
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Building on the concepts and vocabulary of personal faith introduced in Partners with God, this second volume brings students to an understanding of community and the Jewish people's covenantal relationship with God. 

Starting from the birth of a nation dedicated to serving God, the book takes students through the evolution of the Jewish people. Students will discover the richness of our tradition and how they can fulfill the Covenant by living as partners with God.

  • Learn how we honor our Covenant and add to life's holiness by performing mitzvot such as giving tzedakah, studying Torah, and observing Shabbat
  • Meet ancient prophets and sages, such as Isaiah and Rabbi Akiba, who taught us how to fulfill mitzvot
  • Meet modern heroes, such as Golda Meir and Abraham Joshua Heschel, who dedicated their lives to living as partners with God
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