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Topical Bible: Biblical Answers to Modern Questions

ISBN: 978-0-87441-618-3
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Grade level: 6 - 8
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Did you know that the moral framework found in the Bible can offer practical guidance to real-life issues confronting today's young people?

A Topical Bible uses biblical texts to guide students as they wrestle with real-life social and ethical problems. Each chapter presents a major contemporary issue and examines it through the lens of the Bible.


  • Repairing a Damaged Relationship:
    Jacob's Reconciliation with Esau; Joseph and His Brothers
  • Accepting Personal Responsibility:
    The Tree of Knowledge; David and Bathsheba
  • Questioning Authority:
    Abraham and the Cities of the Plain; Job
  • Sexual Equality:
    The Creation of Humankind; The Daughters of Zelophehad
  • Identifying with the Suffering of Others:
    The Awakening of Moses; Esther
  • Welcoming Change and Challenge:
    Moses and the Burning Bush; King Saul
  • A Time for Action:
    Crossing the Sea of Reeds; Deborah and the Canaanites

The engaging stories are illustrated with dramatic contemporary photographs and whimsical cartoons. Step-by-step questions guide students through the text and demonstrate its relevance to modern life.

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