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Gift of Soul, Gift of Wisdom

ISBN: 978-087441-643-5
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Each of us has the potential to become a truly great mentor to share the gifts of our experience, of our knowledge, of our souls. But how can we best bring these gifts to our students, our children, and our communities? How can we discover, develop, and improve our skills as leaders and spiritual guides?

Combining a rich knowledge of sacred texts with a wealth of experience as a rabbi, parent, and teacher, Rabbi Bradley Artson provides us with a road map to becoming effective mentors. With a wealth of suggestions both practical and poignant Rabbi Artson shows us how to:

  • Open ourselves to those around us
  • Reach out with affection
  • Enhance our communication skills
  • Overcome challenges to the mentoring relationship

Filled with profound wisdom, spiritual guidance, and life lessons, Gift of Soul, Gift of Wisdom is a powerful learning tool for all of us: rabbis and cantors, managers and executives, educators and parents who wish to understand the essence of what it takes to be a mentor and leader.

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