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Ten Thousand Children: True Stories Told by Children Who Escaped the Holocaust on the Kindertransport

ISBN: 978-0-87441-648-0
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Grade level: 4 - 7
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How can we educate young children about the Holocaust without scaring them? With simple stories told from the perspective of children who escaped.

This collection of true first-person accounts brings to life the rescue of ten thousand children from Nazi-occupied territories to England in the late 1930's.

Between December 1938 and September 1939, 10,000 children were rescued from Nazi-occupied countries and safely transported to England. This rescue mission was called the Kindertransport, and the remarkable experiences of these children are dramatically brought to life in this collection of true first-person accounts. The children's stories are divided among the book's seven chronological chapters:

  1. Life Under Hitler
  2. Kristallnacht
  3. Preparing to Leave
  4. The Journey
  5. Life in England
  6. The War Years
  7. After the War
  • A brief historical introduction to each chapter sets the scene for the children's stories to follow
  • Key vocabulary terms are highlighted and defined throughout the text
  • The scrapbook-style design, complete with authentic archival photos, makes these true stories accessible to young readers
  • An introductory letter and epilogue from the authors, real-life Kinder

    "These moving tales of suffering and hope ought to be read by children as well as adults."
    --Elie Wiesel

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