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Shalom Uvrachah: The New Hebrew Primer (Print Edition)

ISBN: 978-0-87441-654-1
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Grade level: 3 - 4
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This purchase includes only the Shalom Uvrachah Print Edition text.
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Every feature of this primer - from its ground-breaking methodology to its vibrant, streamlined design - has been years in the making. Shalom Uvrachah: The New Hebrew Primer teaches decoding skills from key cultural words and concepts. For example, students learn the letters kuf and tzadee from the word tzedakah; they learn tet from tallit and zayin from mezuzah.

Shalom Uvrachah makes use of the best contemporary educational theory:

  • Meaningful words teach decoding skills.
  • Vowel sounds are systematically introduced in small, manageable increments.
  • Confusing look-alike and sound-alike letters are introduced separately.

Exercises include:

  • Visual discrimination practice
  • Similar letter-sound and vowel-sound drills
  • Writing practice to reinforce the forms of the letters
  • Exercises allowing teachers to customize reading practice for each class
  • Checkpoints to monitor student progress

Teaching Hebrew writing has been simplified with custom-designed Hebrew print fonts, enhanced by arrows showing how to form each letter.

Shalom Uvrachah also features:

  • Selected readings of key prayers and blessings, including Shema, Ve'ahavta, and Aleinu
  • Heritage dictionary of 80 cultural words
  • Explanation of special reading rules
  • Text and activities together in one volume


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