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Let's Discover God

ISBN: 978-0-87441-655-8
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Grade level: K - 2
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How can young children begin to explore basic concepts about God--our Covenant with God, how and why we perform mitzvot, how we talk to God, and how we can act in God's image?

In these eight 4-page folders, simple poems, full-color photographs, inventive activities, and discussion questions vividly bring to life the wonder and variety of God's world. At the same time, children learn the basic prayers and blessings we recite to communicate with God in our everyday life, including the Motzi, Sh'ma, Sheheheyanu, Modeh Ani, and the blessing over Shabbat candles.

Folder Titles:
1. God's Creations
2. God Is One
3. In God's Image
4. Thanking God
5. God's Promise
6. God's Gift of Shabbat
7. Talking to God
8. God's World

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