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Ten Minute Hebrew Reader: Book 2

ISBN: 978-0-87441-660-2
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Grade level: 3 - 5
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Your students have completed a Hebrew primer. They know the alef bet and can read Hebrew words, but they need ongoing practice to maintain their skills and fluency. That's where the innovative Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader books come in.

Begin each Hebrew lesson with a 10-minute reading "workout" before students open their regular Hebrew textbooks. Using a sports format, Reader drills help students exercise their reading muscles--they'll play soccer, lift weights, and run relay races--without ever leaving their desks. It sounds like fun... and it is! Each book contains 22 amusing lessons to:

  • Isolate and remediate letter discrimination problems
  • Encourage prayer reading fluency
  • Develop rhythmic reading

Download a complimentary teaching guide on How to Use the Ten Minute Hebrew Reader


"We love the
Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader. It gives the kids a lot to practice and really lets them focus on areas where there are weaknesses. It's a very good adjunct to the regular textbook."
Karen Goodis
Education Director
Shaar Shalom
Toronto, Canada

"The Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader was the key to getting my kids to class on time. They knew that the first ten
minutes of class would always be the most fun."

Eric Petersiel
Director of Education
Shaarei Beth El
Oakville, Canada

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