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Alef Bet Flash Cards

ISBN: 978-0-87441-689-3
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Grade level: 3 - 4
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A flash card for each of the 46 letters and vowels. Each card has the Hebrew letter printed large on the front and the English pronunciation on the back. For use with any Hebrew primer.

Alef-Bet flashcards are a versatile teaching aid. You can use them to teach new letter and vowels, to review, or for reinforcement. Use the flashcards for games and other playful activities. And don’t forget that the best use of the flashcard lies in its name—flash!

  • Display a card. Students say the name of the letter or vowel and pronounce its sound.
  • Put the cards into a bag and each student takes a turn fishing out a letter and giving its name or sound.
  • Display several cards.Take one away. Students guess which letter is missing.
  • Distribute cards to students. Announce a letter name or sound and the student holding that card raises it.
  • Match letters or vowels that have the same sound.
  • Play a matching game with two sets of cards.

Each card is approximately 5.5" x 3.5".

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