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The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt

ISBN: 978-0-87441-711-1
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Grade level: 2 - 3
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Today, more than ever, we need to help our children develop an identification with Israel. The earlier we start, the better. And there's no better, more fun introduction than The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt!

This beautifully written adventure invites students on a scavenger hunt, led by a young American boy, Daniel, and his Israeli cousin, Rivkah. Following the cryptic instructions in a letter from their grandfather, the two cousins travel across Israel in search of the special objects, including the Israeli flag, a palm tree, and the Western Wall.

As they travel, Daniel and your students learn about the major cities and extraordinary sites of Israel, the diversity of Israel's people and cultures, our biblical and modern ties with the Jewish homeland, and the geography of Israel. They also learn key Hebrew terms, such as Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel), Ivrit (Hebrew), shalom (hello, goodbye, and peace), and they learn about important Jewish values, such as rodef shalom (pursuing peace) and ahavat Tzion (love of Israel), that are linked to chapter content.

Designed to intrigue students in grades 2 and 3, The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt includes more than eighty full-color photos, playful illustrations, and age-appropriate maps. Colorful stickers will motivate students and give them a sense of achievement as they travel through Israel with Daniel and Rivkah.

The book's creative and engaging activities are designed to reinforce curricular material and help students identify with Israel by personalizing what they learn.


  1. Higher Than the Clouds
  2. Haifa: The Busy Coast
  3. The Galilee: Rolling Through the North
  4. Tel Aviv: The City that Never Sleeps
  5. Jerusalem: The Old and the New
  6. The Judean Desert and Negev: It's a Heat Wave
  7. Eilat: Snorkeling in the Red Sea
  8. Home


Special Features:

  • A Window to Israel: Detailed information on special interest subjects, for example, Israel's science and computer industries, and kibbutz life
  • Israel Fun Facts: Delightful tidbits about Israel, on subjects as diverse as sports, climate, and cell phone usage
  • Scavenger Hunt Stop: A fun word puzzle that ends each chapter of the scavenger hunt


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