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The Time of Our Lives: A Teen Guide to the Jewish Life Cycle

ISBN: 978-0-87441-718-0
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Grade level: 5 - 7
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Is it true that I was born for a reason? Am I really an adult when I become a bat mitzvah? How should I act around someone whose grandmother just died? 

The Time of Our Lives is an unforgettable journey along the path of the Jewish life cycle, as your students have never traveled it before. While exploring how Jewish life cycle events help us mark and celebrate the milestones in our lives, young teens will consider how we each contribute to the modern evolution and enrichment of these celebrations.

Using teen-friendly narrative, thought-provoking questions and a dynamic, vibrant design, The Time of our Lives serves as a guidebook to the major milestones along the paths of the Jewish life cycle:

  • Historical vignettes and excerpts from sacred texts help students trace the origins of each celebration, while learning how it began and has evolved through the generations.
  • Real-life peer stories show how young teens play an active role in Jewish community celebrations.
  • Family interviews, interactive classroom experiences, and challenging questions encourage students to imagine how they can help develop new celebrations and further enrich our tradition.

Each chapter of The Time of Our Lives contains the following special features, designed to engage the creativity and curiosity of readers:

Fast Forward: Teens reflect on the future as they envision what their own life cycle events will be like: What qualities would I like my children to possess? What will my life be like in twenty years? What would I like to accomplish during my lifetime?

Step by Step: Provides a clearly sequenced summary—a how-to manual—of each life cycle event.

Be a Give-Your-Best Guest:To-do checklists help readers become gracious guests at the celebrations of friends and family. What can I bring? What should I say?

From Generation to Generation:Provides opportunities for families to share memories of past life cycle events and dreams for those to come.

What Do You Think?: Thought-provoking questions challenge teens to think critically. What's the best way to celebrate my bar mitzvah? Do I believe that each person has a destined partner?

Back to the Sources:Connects modern celebrations to sacred texts and ancient sources.

Spark of a New Tradition:Modern customs and practices help young people visualize how they can contribute to new Jewish life cycle events and to modern Jewish life.
Help your students discover the paths of their own great journey.

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