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Let's Discover Shabbat

ISBN: 978-0-87441-722-7
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Grade level: K - 2
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Now there's an easy way to bring the magic of Shabbat to your youngest students, from candle-lighting through Havdalah.

Introduce young children to the traditions and rituals of Shabbat with this series of eight 4-page full-color folders. Children learn the whys, whens, and hows of Shabbat observance through age-appropriate poetry, vivid photographs and artwork, and engaging stories, activities, and games. And they go beyond the ritual, exploring the the meaning of Shabbat as a time of rest and reflection, as holy time in the Jewish calendar.

Activities such as "Time to Get Ready" and the "Oneg Shabbat Game" introduce young learners to Shabbat practice, while stories such as "Shabbat: A Gift Every Week" and "Shabbat Spice" explore how these practices can bring personal meaning to each of us, no matter what our age. Carefully crafted to hold the interest of early readers and nonreaders alike, each folder is a self-contained thematic unit. Each one brings to life another aspect of Shabbat observance, from how we welcome Shabbat to how we say good-bye.

Special Features:

  • "Say It in Hebrew" presents key words, such as "Shabbat" and "Kiddush," in Hebrew.
  • "Living Shabbat" guides students to participate in Shabbat rituals and traditions.
  • "My Family and Me" provides an activity for students to do with their parents.

    Folder Titles:
         1. A Gift from God (Shabbat is a special day)
         2. Welcoming Shabbat (lighting candles)
         3. A Holy Day (reciting Kiddush)
         4. Saying Thank You (blessing over hallah)
         5. A Time to Be Joyful (the joy—oneg—of Shabbat)
         6. A Time to Pray (synagogue services)
         7. Saying Good-bye (performing havdalah)
         8. Shabbat Is Our Day (review and reinforcement)
    BONUS FOLDER: For the Family: Shabbat Blessings


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