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Season of Renewal: a Family Haggadah

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Grade level: All Ages
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Season of Renewal is a haggadah designed for families with children of all ages. Cheerful, full-color artwork and inviting design make this haggadah accessible and welcoming. Clear headings and straightforward directions make it easy for seder leaders and participants alike to share a meaningful and festive seder, whether you have 30 minutes or two hours.

Fun activities, such as create an afikoman envelope, encourage lively participation for children of all ages. Discussion questions (what are some things in your own life for which you could say "dayeinu"?) and intriguing explanations (our responses to the Four Children demonstrate the importance of paying attention to children's reasons for asking) help participants deepen their understanding of ancient traditions. Modern rituals (such as Miriam's Cup, or everyone contributing to fill Elijah's Cup) are included and explained.

Special Features:

  • Seder checklist to help prepare in advance
  • Clear directions for leaders and participants
  • Fun activities to enrich your seder (have a Haroset tasting, prepare a Question Box, or act out a mini-drama to show how Moses felt in front of powerful Pharoah)
  • Topics for discussion (what can you do to help people who suffer from persecution or discrimination today?)
  • Thought questions to encourage lively discussion (what symbolic object would you add to the seder plate, and why?)
  • Lively retelling of the Passover story
  • Cheerful full-color artwork and friendly design
  • Favorite Passover songs in Hebrew, English and transliteration (including Ki Lo Na'eh, Adir Hu, Ehad Mi Yodei'a, and Had Gadya)

As a companion to Season of Renewal, visit for a free download of Passover songs performed by children from the King David School in Melbourne, Australia - including Mah Nishtanah, Dayeinu, and Eliyahu Hanavi.

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