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Hineni Prayer Booklet - Ein Kamocha/Av Harahamim (Pack of 5)

ISBN: 978-0-87441-763-0
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Grade level: 3 - 8
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Now you can teach the prayers from Hineni in the order YOU want.
Hineni 1, 2, and 3 are now available in individual booklet form—one booklet per chapter. Ideal for the school that wants the same carefully structured, manageable, and student-friendly material from Hineni, just sequenced differently from the textbook. Use the booklets as your core curriculum, or for at-home review, assessment of student progress, parent parallel learning, and for students with special needs.
For many schools, the order of the prayers in Hineni—the order of the service—matches the school curriculum. But if your school teaches the prayers in a different order, you now have the flexibility of Hineni Prayer Booklets.

What are Hineni Prayer Booklets?
Hineni Prayer Booklets are the twenty key chapters from Hineni presented as individual booklets. They're the same colorful, student-engaging, and pedagogically rich content for which Hineni is renowned, but in 8- or 12-page booklet form. Each Prayer Booklet is shrink-wrapped in sets of five for $14.95.

The following is a list of the 20 Hineni Prayer Booklets:
   ·   Brachot (750) [cover]
   ·   Brachot shel Shabbat (751)
   ·   Kiddush (752)
   ·   Bar'chu (753)
   ·   Ma'ariv Aravim/Yotzer Or (754)
   ·   Sh'ma (755)
   ·   V'ahavta (756)
   ·   Mi Chamocha (757)
   ·   Avot/ Avot V'Imahot (758)
   ·   G'vurot (759)
   ·   K'dushah (760)
   ·   Shalom Rav/ Sim Shalom (761)
   ·   Oseh Shalom (762)
   ·   Ein Kamocha/ Av Harahamim (763)
   ·   Ki Mitziyon (764)
   ·   Birchot HaTorah (765)
   ·   Birchot HaHaftarah (766)
   ·   V'zot HaTorah/ Eitz Hayyim Hi (767)
   ·   Aleinu (768)
   ·   Kaddish (769)

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