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Self-Guided Hineni

ISBN: 978-0-87441-771-5
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Grade level: 4 - 8
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Now your students can study prayer independently, correcting their own work and progressing at their own pace.

The Self-Guided Hineni manual enables students to use the Hineni Prayer Booklets as part of a program of self-guided instruction. The manual contains all the material to photocopy so students can use the Hineni Prayer Booklets for individual study: reproducible black-line masters with answer keys, review sheets, and a prayer mastery chart.


  • Answer keys to all activities in the twenty Hineni Prayer Booklets.
  • Twenty review sheets and answer keys to assess students' content knowledge.
  • A reproduction of all the prayers in the Booklets for assessing prayer reading skills.
  • A prayer mastery chart for recording students' progress.

USES: Self-Guided Hineni allows students to work independently and progress at their own pace, especially those who:

  • Master the material quickly and are ready for more advanced work.
  • Are absent and at risk of falling behind.
  • Enrolled late in the year or enrolled in later grades and are catching up to the rest of the class.
  • Have a lower level of motivation and/or ability, and would benefit from additional, focused practice of selected prayers.
  • Have special needs and work more successfully alone than in a regular classroom environment.
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