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My Everything Jewish Pocket Folder

ISBN: 978-0-87441-777-7
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Grade level: K - 5
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Finally, an easy and attractive way to organize your students' loose papers.

My Everything Jewish Pocket Folder can help you show your students that their religious school work is worthy of attention and respect. With its vibrant, full-color design and educational features My Everything Jewish Pocket Folder can be used to:

  • Preserve Let's Discover folders and other instructional materials.
  • Store homework assignments.
  • Organize loose worksheets.
  • Hold Hineni Prayer Booklets.
  • Carry notices home to parents.

The richly illustrated front cover portrays a universe in which the holidays of the Jewish calendar take center stage. The back cover includes an attractive alef-bet chart, as well as illustrations of the seven days of the week, that move from the concerns of the weekdays (school work, grocery shopping, gardening) to the sacredness of Shabbat (hallah, Shabbat candles, rest). An array of planets, stars, and rocket ships, with Hebrew names such as hag samei'ah (Happy Holiday) shalom (Peace), and l'hitra'ot (See You Soon) adorn the back and front covers and inside pocket.
The illustrations can be used as jumping-off points for fun educational activities. Students can:

  • Identify the Jewish holidays.
  • Name additional ritual objects for each holiday.
  • Compare and contrast the activities of the weekdays with those of Shabbat.
  • Spell their Hebrew names using the letters of the alef-bet.
  • Assign additional Hebrew names to the rocket ships.

Students can personalize their folders with their names and grade level on the front cover. Printed on sturdy, laminated stock, the folder is durable and practical, including pockets with a diagonal slant that make inserting papers easier for younger students.

5 or more folders: $1.45 each

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