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Let's Talk! Live CD

ISBN: 978-0-87441-784-5
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Grade level: 6 - 7
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The characters from the 6th-7th grade modern Hebrew textbook Let's Talk! Modern Hebrew for Teens come to life in the 15 recorded dialogs on this companion audio CD. Student can listen--and read along--as four trendy pre-teens party in Tel Aviv, shop in a shuk, ride a camel, swim in the Dead Sea, and celebrate a bat mitzvah in Jerusalem--all in Hebrew! The dialogs, spoken by American religious school students, follow Let's Talk! chapter by chapter, allowing students to vocalize the modern Hebrew presented in the book.


  • Play in class to reinforce lessons in the textbook.
  • Download to iPods and MP3 players so students can listen at home.
  • Play in the car on the way to Hebrew school.
  • Use as a prompt for students to act out the dialogs.
  • Create a Hebrew environment in the classroom.
  • A great way to make modern Hebrew come alive!

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