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Hineni: Prayerbook Hebrew for Adults

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Grade level: Adult
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In 136 clear, concise pages, Hineni: Prayerbook Hebrew for Adults prepares adult learners for full participation in Shabbat morning services. Adults acquire synagogue skills-and gain confidence!-as they learn how to:

  • Recite the Shabbat morning prayers as well as blessings for home rituals. (Blessings over candles, wine, and hallah at Shabbat dinner, ritual food items at Passover seder)
  • Actively participate in the prayer service. (When we stand and when we sit during the service, why we rise up on our toes three times during the K'dushah)
  • Understand the meaning of the prayers. (How is the Sh'ma like a pledge of allegiance? Why do mourners recite the Kaddish, even though it does not mention death?)
  • Recognize 200 important prayer words and 20 key roots.


  • Blessings, including Kiddush and candlelighting Birkat Shalom
  • Bar'chu Ein Kamocha, Av Harahamim
  • Ma'ariv Aravim,Yotzer Or Ki Mitziyon, L'cha Adonai
  • Sh'ma Torah Blessings
  • V'ahavta Haftarah Blessings
  • Mi Chamocha Ashrei, Etz Hayyim Hi
  • Avot V'imahot Aleinu
  • G'vurot Kaddish
  • K'dushah Ein Keloheinu
  • Hoda'ah


  • "An Ethical Echo" connects the prayers to Jewish values.
  • Alternative versions of the prayers reflect Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist practices.
  • "Back to the Sources" explains the origin of many prayers.
  • A prayer dictionary allows for quick translation of prayer words.
  • A chart shows the placement of the prayers in the service.

    Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin is the Director of Jewish Life at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore. Ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1988, Rabbi Cardin is the author of numerous articles and books, including The Tapestry of Jewish Time: A Spiritual Guide to Holidays and Life-Cycle Events (Behrman House).


  • Ideal for parents to learn along with their children using Hineni in religious school.
  • For online prayer reading practice, visit and click on the pink "Click and Learn Prayer at Home" button.
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