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Ulpan Alef Posters 1-4 (set of 4)

ISBN: 978-0-87441-790-6
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Grade level: 4 - 7
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Bring modern Hebrew to life in your classrooms and hallways with these four delightfully illustrated, full-color posters—one for each of the first four folders in the Ulpan Alef series. Each 22” x 28” poster features clear, unambiguous illustrations and large, easy-to-read Hebrew.

Ulpan Alef Posters 1–4
1. Shalom (greetings and responses)
2. The Family at Home
3. Food
4. At School

Use the Ulpan Alef Posters:
• As ideal review and reinforcement for your Ulpan Alef study
• To help students incorporate Hebrew vocabulary, at-a-glance, into their everyday interactions
• As educational and decorative posters throughout your school

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