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Shuffle It In Hebrew!

ISBN: 978-0-87441-796-8
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Grade level: K - 4
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Students can play their favorite card games and learn Hebrew with Shuffle It in Hebrew playing cards.

Grade Level: Pre-Kindergarten 4th grade

The sturdy 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 box contains:

  • 52 laminated playing cards
  • 4 word lists
  • 6 sample games ("Hebrew Charades," "Magic Threes," and "Hit the Hay!")
  • Letter to parents
  • Each card shows:
    • A modern Hebrew word, for example, bayit ("house"), kova("hat"), degel ("flag"), morah ("teacher").
    • A drawing to illustrate the Hebrew word.
    • The initial letter for the Hebrew word (bet for bayit, kaf for kova, dalet for degel, mem for morah).
    • An icon illustrating one of four suits ("The Family at Home," "In the Classroom," Shabbat and Holidays," "The World").
    • The numeric value of the card (1-13).
    • An insert contains: (a) six entertaining, easy-to-play card games and (b) a letter explaining the rationale and value of the cards.  


      Shuffle It in Hebrew is ideal to use for:

      • Small group seat work
      • Students who arrive for class early or finish their work quickly
      • Kindergarten graduation gifts
      • Religious school Hanukkah gifts
      • Prizes and incentives for elementary grades (Purim carnival, for perfect attendance, Hebrew reading club)
      • Enhance Hebrew skills—letter recognition, decoding, word comprehension, and categorization—and have fun.

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