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The Explorer's Bible 3D Adventure

ISBN: 87441-802-X
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Grade level: 2 - 5
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Engage your students in authentic, dynamic Bible study. Only Available Through Behrman House!

The first ever computer-based Bible learning experience for the Jewish religious school! Using a video-game environment to engage them, the software immerses students in biblical stories. Knowledge of Bible facts and themes--how Abraham followed his moral compass, why Rebecca's kindness made her a perfect choice for Isaac, how Jacob and Esau achieved peace--allows the student to unlock and advance through the multi-level video game. Students enter a 3D virtual world and use the biblical text to help characters such as Joseph and Moses gain powers, navigate mazes, and master multiple challenges as they attempt to stay on the correct path and conquer each new level. All stories and biblical facts required to advance through the game are based on the text and activities in Explorer's Bible 1.

Level 1: Creation and the Garden of Eden
Level 2: Cain and Abel
Level 3: Noah's Ark
Level 4: The Tower of Babel
Level 5: Abraham and Sarah
Level 6: Rebecca
Level 7: Jacob
Level 8: Joseph
Level 9: Moses


  • Students are drawn into a digital world that teaches them Bible stories, transports them through the Jewish values in the stories-such as the courage Joseph showed in forgiving his brothers-and requires them to use those lessons to conquer new levels in the game.
  • Students manipulate real-life 3D figures who can run, jump, and even fly.
  • This new educational gaming technology even enhances secular learning. For example, students not only learn the story of Noah's ark and how to act like a tzaddik, but they also categorize varieties of plants, insects, mammals, and birds.
    • Electronic table of contents records where students left off so they can easily pick up play at any time.
    • Four-cell electronic cartoon maker allows students to create their own Midrash in a graphic format at the end of each level--to make their own meaning of the Bible story--and print out their cartoon!
    • Built-in tutorial provides quick tips for manipulating the characters so students can feel comfortable navigating the games. Teachers can use it too!
    • Personalized sign-on page asks students to create unique user names and passwords so that teachers can easily check student progress using the online assessment system.
    • 3D gaming-style technology engages, entertains, excites, and motivates students to want to study Bible.
    • To assess student progress online, visit

      Minimum System Requirements: Pentium III 500 MHz; 128 MB Ram; 12X CD-ROM Drive; 8 MB Video 16-Bit Color; 16-Bit Sound Card (Sound Blaster compatible).

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