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Three Times Chai: 54 Rabbis Tell Their Favorite Stories

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Fifty-four rabbis, from all branches of Judaism, tell their favorite stories--classic Bible stories, rabbinic and modern commentaries, folktales, and legends. Each story, ranging in length from one to seven pages, reflects a Jewish ideal or value and is told in the individual rabbi's unique speaking style. Each concludes with a note from the contributor explaining the story's lesson and why it is the rabbi's favorite.


The book is divided into four sections:
Section One: Community -- Stories about relationships, tzedakah, and tikun olam, our responsibility to heal the world
Section Two: Religion -- Stories about Jewish identity, practices, and spirituality
Section Three: God's World --Stories about the ways in which we relate to God and live according to God's plan
Section Four: Outlook -- Stories about our attitudes, choices, and quests for truth, honesty, wisdom, and courage


  1. Rabbi Daniel Alter
2. Rabbi Michael Azose
3. Rabbi Karen Bender
4. Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka
5. Rabbi Joshua L. Burrows
6. Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
7. Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen
8. Rabbi Jerome K. Davidson
9. Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson
10. Rabbi Lawrence A. Englander
11. Rabbi Edward M. Feinstein
12. Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein
13. Rabbi Robert E. Fine
14. Rabbi Elyse D. Frishman
15. Rabbi Edward H. Garsek
16. Rabbi Laura Geller
17. Rabbi Gary A. Glickstein
18. Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider
19. Rabbi Samuel N. Gordon
20. Rabbi Daniel Gottlieb
21. Rabbi David E. Greenberg
22. Rabbi Irving "Yitz" Greenberg
23. Rabbi Yosef Y. Greenberg
24. Rabbi Bradley Hirschfield
25. Rabbi Richard Jacobs
26. Rabbi Yaakov Labinsky
27. Rabbi Steven Z. Leder
  28. Rabbi Mark H. Levin
29. Rabbi David A. Lipper
30. Rabbi Sally J. Priesand
31. Rabbi Yael B. Ridberg
32. Rabbi Jack Riemer
33. Rabbi David Rosen
34. Rabbi Tracee L. Rosen
35. Rabbi Francine Green Roston
36. Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein
37. Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin
38. Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
39. Rabbi Stacy Schlein
40. Rabbi Kinneret Shiryon
41. Rabbi Jodie Siff
42. Rabbi Eric J. Siroka
43. Rabbi Amy Joy Small
44. Rabbi David E. Stern
45. Rabbi Shira Stern
46. Rabbi Moshe Waldoks
47. Rabbi Pamela Wax
48. Rabbi Nancy Wechsler-Azen
49. Rabbi Eric B. Wisnia
50. Rabbi Adam Wohlberg
51. Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wolberg
52. Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan
53. Rabbi David Wolpe
54. Rabbi Michael Zedek


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