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Manga Midrash: Leadership: Jacob and Esau

ISBN: 978-0-87441-815-6
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Grade level: 4 - 7
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Manga Midrash explores the meaning and values of selected biblical and rabbinic texts. Each 16-page, full-color booklet uses manga, a cutting-edge, illustrated storytelling technique originally developed in Japan, to present a Bible story, a rabbinic midrash exploring that story, and a related Jewish value. Powered by manga's dynamic and motivating format, students actively participate in the tradition of interpreting sacred text while discussing Jewish values. SPECIAL FEATURES:

Every Manga Midrash booklet includes these exciting features:

  • Bible Classics: A faithful age-appropriate translation of the original text illustrated with a powerful graphical telling of the story
  • Standing in Their Shoes: Probing questions that ask students to answer as the biblical characters might
  • Rabbinic Midrash:Our Sages Teach Us A dynamic retelling of a traditional midrash based on the Bible story
  • Creating Midrash: What Were the Sages Thinking?An activity in which students can reflect on the meaning of the midrash
  • My Modern Midrash:Our Generation Speaks A lively story-starter, to be completed by students
  • Creating Midrash: What Do You Think?A tool to help students plan their own unique ending to the midrashic story starter
  • Be a Jewish Leader-in-Training A closing, values-based activity to help students demonstrate their learning

Our free downloadable Teaching Guide provides an introduction to both manga and midrash, and a broad range of teaching techniques to deepen and enrich student learning. Download the teaching guide.


This booklet presents Genesis 25:20-33, the story of Jacob and Esau's birth and youthful sibling rivalry. Students' understanding is developed through a series of motivating activities and by a rabbinic midrash that illuminates the biblical story. Before creating their own midrash, students explore questions such as: What makes a person worthy of a privileged or leadership role? How can one develop the skills that a role of honor or leadership requires?


Visit where you will find:

  • 3 animated ecards and 3 illustrated ecards, with space for students to customize messages to send to classmates, friends, and family
  • 6 choices of "wallpaper" for students to illustrate their desktop backgrounds

All the illustrations are full-color manga portrayals of biblical scenes and characters.

The musical choices for the ecards include tunes for:

  • Mazal tov/Congratulations
  • Happy Birthday
  • Hanukkah
  • Passover
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