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Teach Me Torah 1

ISBN: 978-0-87441-825-5
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Grade level: K - 1
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A richly illustrated Bible program for young children, Teach Me Torah introduces eight classic Bible texts, from Genesis to the story of Joseph, and the Jewish values that can be drawn from them, such as taking care of God’s world and asking for forgiveness. Each story is told in simple yet dramatic language and is presented in its own four-page, full-color folder. The back page of the folder includes an “Ask at Home” section with discussion questions based on the biblical story or Jewish value for students to explore with their parents. For example, the Rebecca folder, which introduces the value of showing kindness, invites parents and students to explore the question, “What does kindness look like to you?”

Set One Stories and Values:
  1. God and Creation
2. Adam and Eve
3. Noah
4. The Tower of Babel
5. Abraham
6. Rebecca
7. Jacob and Esau
8. Joseph
  Taking Care of the World
Accepting Responsibility
Doing the Right Thing
Remembering to be Humble
Standing up for Others
Showing Kindness
Keeping Peace in the Family
Asking for Forgiveness


  • Colorful and detailed illustrations help engage non-readers in the drama of the story.
  • “My D’var Torah” introduces and explains a key value related to the text and provides an open-ended question to help students discuss the value in the context of their own lives.
  • "Ask at Home” provides an open-ended question related to either the text or the value and allows you to spark lively discussion in class that the students can then continue with parents at home.


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