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Teach Me Torah - Teacher's Edition

ISBN: 978-0-87441-827-9
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Grade level: K - 1
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A fully annotated guide with step-by-step techniques for teaching each of the sixteen Bible story folders in the two sets of Teach Me Torah. The Introduction also provides a general teaching plan, a Scope and Sequence chart, ways to work with students with varied learning styles, and letters to parents. A lesson plan for each folder is provided, including core concepts and learning objectives, suggestions for using the illustrations to build comprehension, and a variety of in-class activities and discussion starters to bring the Jewish value highlighted in each story into sharp focus. Hints and answers for all the activities in Teach Me Torah are also provided throughout the Teacher's Edition.


  • "Teach me MORE Torah" provides additional information--either background about the Bible story, explanations of the text, or elements of the story that were not included in the folder--that you can use to enrich your students' experience.
  • "My D'var Torah" expands on the values lesson introduced in the folder, porvides some additional thought questions, and guides you through the activity found on page 4 of each folder.
  • "Bring the Value to Life" offers ideas for a classroom project or group activity that focuses on the value presented in the folder.
  • "Ask at Home" provides suggestions for using the photograph as a discussion starter as well as additional questions to make the most out of each folder.
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