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Alef Bet Quest Script Writing Workbook

ISBN: 978-0-87441-829-3
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Grade level: 3 - 4
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Students learn to write cursive script in this companion workbook to Alef Bet Quest. Designed to match the content, chapter by chapter, in Alef Bet Quest, students learn the same key words and new letters and vowels - this time in script!

In each lesson, students are asked to follow directional arrows to write a row of script letters, then trace a letter, write a complete row freehand, and write words or phrases.

The practice is purposeful (students build on words they know from Alef Bet Quest, such as shamash, havdalah, abba, am, tallit, and Yisrael) and motivational (students make meaning of the new form of writing while they have fun practicing writing curly letters). For example:

  • In "Silent Partner" students circle, then write, the letter in each row that makes no sound (alef or ayin).
  • In "What's Missing?" students write the missing letter in each script pattern.
  • In "Handshakes" students read the word on each illustration of a hand to a classmate, then switch, followed by handshakes all around.
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