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Make This Journal! My Bar/Bat Mitzvah Year

ISBN: 978-0-87441-832-3
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This smart and hilarious journal is the perfect companion for the young person preparing for their bar/bat mitzvah. Kids can open to any page and pick from a wide variety of funny, thought-provoking, and clever prompts that will encourage them to draw, write, and create. 


  • Write six instructions to an alien about how to be a good bar/bat mitzvah guest.
  • What are some BIG questions you have about being Jewish? Draw HUGE question marks and write your questions around it.
  • Scribble WILDLY on this page when you are REALLY stressed out.
  • Staple a copy of the first thank you note that you messed up and couldn't send here.
  • Draw a ladder. Write on each rung something you would like to do before you are bat mitzvah.

Irreverent and respectful at the same time, Make This Journal is sure to spark the bar or bat mitzvah kid's imagination, and encourage them to reflect on this meaninfgul, ridiculous, spiritual, and stressful simcha that we all know and love.

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