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Hebrew Reading Assessment

ISBN: 978-0-87441-841-5
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Grade level: 3 - 7
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Written specifically for assessing students' accuracy and fluency in decoding, Hebrew Reading Assessment includes twenty-five assessment pages divided into six sections. Each section includes an introduction providing guidance on how to assess that specific area of decoding.

Ways to use the Hebrew Reading Assessment manual:

  • Plan lessons
  • Personalize instruction
  • Write progress reports
  • Place students in reading groups
  • Communicate results with students, parents, the education director, and other teachers.


Bonus Tools:

  • Step-by-step tips for using the assessment sheets
  • Data analysis and student feedback
  • Remediation techniques
  • Sample rubrics
  • Multiyear student reading record


Special Feature:

Click here to hear the author read the twenty-five Hebrew assessment pages aloud line by line.

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