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Shalom Uvrachah Funbook CD

ISBN: 978-0-87441-842-2
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Grade level: 3 - 4
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Shalom Uvrachah Funbook black-line masters are now available in PDF format so you can print them out or email them home. Lively activities provide extra reading and writing practice for each of the 25 lessons of the Shalom Uvrachah primer. For example, students "score a home run" by reading the words on each base of a baseball diamond, "make music" by writing letters on the matching musical notes, or "run a relay race" by reading words with a partner. The activity sheets are useful for cooperative learning, to engage students who come early to class, or to challenge students who finish their regular class work quickly.

The Funbook can be used with the script or print edition of Shalom Uvrachah, or with Shalom Uvrachah Primer Express.

Fifty-four activity sheets review the new letters and vowels introduced in each lesson of Shalom Uvrachah.

Easily print, duplicate, and email pages from the Shalom Uvrachah Funbook.

Shalom Uvrachah teaches decoding skills from key cultural words and concepts. For example, students learn the letters kuf and tzadee from the word tzedakah; they learn tet from tallit and zayin from mezuzah. As they develop their Hebrew reading skills, students also master basic cultural concepts and vocabulary.


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