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Hineni 1 Family Companion CD

ISBN: 978-0-87441-843-9
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Grade level: 3 - 5
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Every page of the Hineni 1 Family Companion is now on CD-ROM. E-mail or print PDFs and send them home so parents can reinforce their children's Hebrew prayer reading and learn the prayers themselves. The text covers the opening prayers in the Shabbat morning service, selected prayers for Friday evening, and blessings and songs for home observance, with separate reading pages for the students and transliteration pages for parents to follow along with their children.

The CD includes complete instructions for use, as well as helpful reading hints (for example, why the word b'mitzvotav can be hard to read), Jewish cultural tidbits, and thought-provoking questions for families to discuss together (for the Avot V'imahot: Of your family's ancestors, who do you think has played an important role in your life? How?). Parents can create a Hebrew-friendly home environment and learn a bit of Hebrew themselves.


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