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Ready, Set...Go Alef Bet! Deluxe Teacher's Edition

ISBN: 978-0-87441-859-0
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Grade level: 1 - 3
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Everything the teacher needs to use Ready, Set…Go Alef Bet! effectively in 1st-3rd grades, this Teacher's Edition includes step-by-step techniques for using the digital companion in the new Behrman House Online Learning Center.

In every lesson the teacher will find:

  1. An activator or motivational introduction to connect students to the new material
  2. An optional oral language lesson to immerse students in conversational Hebrew
  3. A game
  4. Ways for students to use the digital companion at home
  5. Review and assessment techniques
  6. Answers to all the student activities

Special Features and Benefits:

  • Scope and Sequence chart that presents all items students will learn: key words, other vocabulary words, new letters and vowels
  • 43 Phonics Flash Cards: one for each letter and vowel
  • 60 Picture Word Cards: one for each word taught in Ready, Set…Go Alef Bet! with a picture on the back - no translation!
  • 11 games to reinforce sound-symbol associations, visual skills, and auditory skills, as well as games for individuals who need extra practice
  • Over 30 suggestions to benefit students with special learning needs
  • Dozens of ideas for review and assessment in each class, plus 7 formative assessment sheets to implement throughout the school year
  • Certificate of Completion to send home to recognize students' achievements

About the Series:
Ready, Set... Go Alef Bet! is the first book in the five-level Alef-Bet Quest/Kol Yisrael series, which fully integrates book-based lessons and digital learning. In Alef Bet Quest students learn to decode, and in Kol Yisrael students learn blessings and prayers to use at home, as well as the prayers in the Shabbat morning service service.

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